Watertown Savings Bank
Watertown Savings Bank
12221 NYS Route 12E
Chaumont, NY 13622
Phone: (315) 649-5090
Fax: (315) 649-2531

Mission Statement

Watertown Savings Bank is committed to our community and committed to our customers. We will strive for excellence as an outstanding provider of financial services to promote thrift, home ownership, small business, employment and economic growth to ultimately benefit the residents of Jefferson County.

Why Our Mortgages Are Different

While it’s true that there are literally hundreds of places from which you could get a mortgage loan, it is also true that very few of them, if any, service their mortgages the way we do. You see, unlike other banks, only Watertown Savings Bank services their mortgages in-house. That means it stays right here with us.

We believe that our customers shouldn’t have to make their payments to some big financial company they’ve never heard of when they came to us for the loan in the first place. Servicing our own loans provides you with better customer service if you should ever have any questions or concerns about your mortgage.

You benefit through being able to come in and actually talk with the same people who originally worked with you when you were applying for your loan and interact with individuals who are familiar with you and your financial needs.

No 800 numbers to call. No recorded voice operators. No wasted time on hold waiting to speak with someone who may not even be able to help you.
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